71 Nations under God

Disconcerting, isn’t it? Seventy actual places in the US that share a name with a world capital – plus Washington DC. (See below for details.) A portion of proceeds from sales of this shirt goes to Welcoming America, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works towards creating a more inclusive America for citizens and immigrants alike. Algiers, LA (Algeria); Amsterdam, VT (Holland); *Angora, MN (Ankara, Turkey); Athens, GA (Greece); *Bagdad, AZ (Iraq); RRBaku, CA (Azerbaijan); Belfast, TN (Northern Ireland); Belgrade, ME (Serbia); Berlin, VT (Germany); Bern, KS (Switzerland); Bogota, IL (Columbia); Bridgetown, VA (Barbados); Brussels, WI (Belgium); Budapest, GA (Hungary); Buenos Aires, AZ (Argentina); *Cabool, MO (Kabul, Afghanistan); Cairo, IL (Egypt); Cardiff, NY (Wales); Copenhagen, NY (Denmark); Damascus, VA (Syria); Delhi, MI (India); Dublin, CA (Ireland); Edinburgh, IN (Scotland); Freetown, MA (Sierra Leone); *RRHartoum, CA (Khartoum, Sudan); Havana, FL (Cuba); *Jeddo, PA (Edo/Tokyo, Japan); *Kief, ND (Kyiv, Ukraine); Kingston, TN (Jamaica); Kingstown, MD (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines); La Paz, IN (Bolivia); Lima, OH (Peru); Lisbon, ND (Portugal); London, KY (England); *Luxemburg, WI (Luxembourg); Madrid, NE (Spain); Manila, UT (Philippines); Mexico, NY (Mexico); Monrovia, CA (Liberia); Montevideo, MN (Uruguay); Moroni, UT (Comoros); Moscow, ID (Russia); Nassau, NY (Bahamas); Oslo, MN (Norway); Ottawa, IL (Canada); Panama City, FL (Panama); Paris, TX (France); *Pekin, IL (China); Prague, OK (Czech); Pretoria, GA (South Africa); Quito, TN (Ecuador); Rabat, VA (Morocco); Riga, NY (Latvia); Rome, GA (Italy); Roseau, MN (Dominica); San Jose, CA (Costa Rica); San Marino, CA (San Marino); Santiago, MN (Chile); Singapore, MI (Singapore); Sofia, NM (Bulgaria); Stockholm, SD (Sweden); *Tiflis, WA (Tbilisi, Georgia); Tripoli, IA (Libya); Tunis, TX (Tunisia); Vatican, LA (Vatican City State); Victoria, TX (Seychelles); Vienna, WV (Austria); Warsaw, MN (Poland); Washington, DC (USA); Wellington, CO (New Zealand); *Wilno, MN (Vilnius, Lithuania) Asterisks denote: 1. Antiquated English spellings of foreign capitals (Angora for modern-day Ankara… Bagdad for Baghdad… Kief for Kyiv… Pekin for Peking, modern Beijing… Tiflis for Tbilisi); 2. A place name that once shared the same spelling with its foreign counterpart, but no longer does (Hartoum, CA and Luxemburg, WI were respectively founded as Khartoum and Luxembourg before the spellings were changed); 3. One place that was rendered phonetically after local citizens heard its namesake (Cabool, MO) without knowing how to spell it; 4. One place whose name is a foreign spelling of a foreign capital (Wilno, MN gets its name from the Polish word for Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania); 5. One place name that is an antiquated anglicisation of a capital city whose name has since changed (Jeddo, PA was established in 1871 when Tokyo, the capital of Japan, was called Edo, which was variously transliterated into English as Jeddo, Yeddo, Yedo or Edo). RR denotes railroad towns that no longer exist as such.

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